Profile building?

According to information received from Kevin Rose (@kevinrose) I’m not doing enough to build an audience for my writings or my Twitter account (@nigelrbrts).

With that in mind, I’d be happy to get suggestions on how to fix this. was really intended as a place for random jottings, mostly about life in the Channel Islands, and a few technical articles. Michele Neylon (@mneylon) kind of encouraged me, and is hosting it on one of his personal machines.

In recent weeks its kind of been taken over by work-related articles to do with ICANN, privacy, human rights and so on.

So one question I that is on my mind is whether to keep this as this rather catholic mix, or to (for example) spin off the ICANN stuff.

There’s a Contact Me link above. You don’t need instructions on how to use it — drop me a line with your thoughts. The best suggestions will get an Alderney t-shirt. (If you don’t know what or where Alderney is, click on the See the Small Island link, above, and watch the movie).

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