About the Author

Nigel Roberts is the founder and CEO of the Island Networks group of companies, which run the Top Level Domains of .GG (for the Bailiwick of Guernsey) and .JE  (Jersey).


Nigel studied Computer Science at Essex University. During his time there he played a minor role as one of a group of students who created the world’s first multi-user computer game (MUD). He graduated with a BSc in Computing Science. Later, he also studied law and was awarded an LLB in English Law with First-Class Honours in June, 2008.


After graduation, he joined Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) as a software engineer. At the time, DEC was the second-largest computer company in the world. He worked on several pioneering projects, including  the ALL-IN-1 email and office automation package, and X.400 gateways. He has also worked for a number of companies and international organisations throughout Europe as an independent consultant, including BT, SWIFT, and the European Environment Agency.

Together with another ex-DEC employee, he founded the Channel Islands Registry in 1996, creating the .GG and .JE Top-Leve Domains. Alderney’s first e-commerce company, Island Networks (CHANNELISLES.NET) was subsequently joined on the Island by a thriving e-gaming sector.


He is a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered IT Professional. He was one of the first UK engineers to be awarded the pan-European title of European Engineer (Eur.- Ing.). In 2006 he was made a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society.


His hobbies include flying, radio presenting, and chastising spammers.

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