Presidential Candidates Confirmed

At 4 pm yesterday, Alderney time, the nominations closed for the popular election of the Island’s next President.

The candidates are confirmed as follows

Bill Simpson – businessman, writer and previously Wing-Commander in the RAF

Stuart Trought – renewable energy expert

Paul Arditti – UK solicitor and States member since January

All three of the candidates are professional men.

All three have made promises that they had a contribution to make to the future welfare of the Island.

I am pleased to note that this election is not only contested, but even better by people of this calibre. At the last election, no one even bothered to contest it, thereby depriving the People of the chance to affirm their choice of the island’s First Citizen.

It seems to me that the choice of President can only be the candidate that can best represent the Island, keep the occasionally fractious States Meetings politely but firmly in line and carries no controversy or baggage that might interfere with those duties.

And although I have a relatively firm preference for one of them (and that is where my vote is going), I am not going to recommend which one you vote for, if you have a vote. (If you were to ask me privately, I would be happy to tell you.)

But do vote for whichever candidate you think has shown best their qualities, and  commitment to the role of First Citizen and your public representative.

And do make sure to express your preference by casting your own vote at the Island Hall on Saturday, the 11th June.


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