Notes from a Small Island

I recently came up with a title for the blog. It just came into my head fully formed, the way Harry Potter was reported to have walked into J K Rowling’s head on a train.

It’s called Notes from a Small Island, becuase (a) it’s a blog, and (b) I live on a small Island.

For more information about this particular small island, see Visit Alderney and the Government site. This Island is about 5km x 3 km in size.

The title is an homage to Bill Bryson too, obviously.

Notes from a Small Island

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For those of you who don’t know Bryson’s work, check out ‘Notes from a Small Island’ on Amazon.  (I’m not going to so mercenary to put an affiliate link – if you like the recommendation, buy me a beer when you see me!).  If you are too lazy to read the book, Wikipedia has a Cliff’s Notes summary here.

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